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hj 27th Nov, 2011+0
Yesterday I got a call from that number and the caller said the concern a usa green card, I too filled part of the form when it appeared on my pc did not complete it when I realized they were asking for money. I told the called bluntly I am not interested since I have a 10 year visa to use at anytime I want. Then I hang up, hope they don't call me again.
BMcIntosh 23rd Oct, 2011+0
This Indian guy called me from this number, saying he was with a law firm trying to collect on a dept I owed. I asked alot of question like WHO, WHAT ,WHEN AND WHERE. These people had my phone number, email address, social. These people need to be punished in a court of law. How do I go about doing so??????
Bubbly 9th Oct, 2011+0
this person is calling and stating that i have committed credit fraud and will be prosecuted for 3 different federal charges when i ask for something in writing they hang up on me. I do not have any unpaid loans that i am supposedly being investigated for by the CIA. I have no idea why they are calling and harassing me and members of my family telling them i have committed credit fraud
linnyd 24th Sep, 2011+0
didnt answer - checked google - got here - thanks
Gadson Woodall 22nd Sep, 2011+0
CL 14th Sep, 2011+0
This guy is threatening people that they need to pay money or they will be arrested. also he states that you or your attorney of records can call him back. He states that he is with the cyper crime unit. then at end of call he states that he wishes you the best of luck on this legal matter if you don't call him back. He calls my cell phone several times a day and leaves messages.
helen t 8th Sep, 2011+0
I get calls from this number several times a week. Haven't answered because of its unfamiliarity and they don't leave a voice mail.
tony little 4th Sep, 2011+0
Has called 10 times in last 3 days at different times. Morning noon and night including tonight at 11:03 pm. When we answer no one is there . We now let the machine pick it up. Whoever they are they do not leave a message.
micey7 11th Aug, 2011+0
No one is ever there when we respond to the phone call. They call daily; sometimes several calls in a day.
kayma 1st Aug, 2011+0
This entity is calling me on a daily basis and leaving to message. Sometimes it will call more than once a day. Who is this idiot?
lesley 18th Jul, 2011+0
Never says anything
fdfdsfs 4th Jul, 2011+0
Called my cell, no message.

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